Curved Force Line Elements Theory

Letter to The Reader

Dear esteemed colleagues and leaders in the various fields of physics,

Currently there are phenomena that cannot be explained by present-day physics theories, leaving problems not solved in the 300-year history of science. Such phenomena were observed by new observations techniques that had been developed quickly from 1960 to 1990, when we began the age of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. However, serious problems remain, with the outcome that modern physics is coming to a crisis point.

I believe that the reason of such a crisis is that modern physicists hesitate to accept the well-known fact that inconsistencies exist between quantum theory and the theory of relativity. Since I can no longer stand to see these inconsistencies, I have attempted to correct them. I have formed a new theory that provides useful results to solve the problems of modern physics. This book is about those results, and their explanations and procedures.

Please examine these results. If they need improvement or adjustment I welcome suggestions of change. If you agree with my theory, then I would appreciate your support. I believe that my theory together with your advice and criticism can lead to a revolutionary change in modern physics.


Kang Whan Ju

September 12, 2011


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